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Australia Now and Then

Not so long ago… avocados weren’t something we smashed, the Amazon was still just a river in South America, and posting social media meant putting a piece of paper on a notice board.

A lot has changed – from the way we dress, to the way we make friends, how we’re entertained, and what we’re allowed to laugh at. It’s hard to know a Tik Tok from a Tic Tac, and don’t get us started on childhood – sure it’s much safer now, but geez those fireworks were a blast! So, is life really getting better, or should some things from the past be reinstated?

This exciting new series is a battle of the generations – from Baby Boomers to Gen Z – asking Australian celebrities ‘Which generation had it best?’

Australia Now and Then brings to-a-head Australia’s seismic generational shift.

For Channel 7 in 2021.